BPW Club Executive Committee Roles and Responsibilities

Be a part of the BPW / Triangle Leadership Team. Nominations are open until April 1, 2017.
The links below will allow you nominate an individual or yourself for either an Executive Leadership position or a committee member. Thank you!


Principal officer of BPW/Triangle and presides at all events, committee meetings, and the executive committee business meetings.


Performs the duties of the president in the absence of the president; becomes president in the event the president cannot fulfill her term; assists with various activities and events as assigned by the president. In team with the President, also works to grow sponsorship for the organizations events and programs.


Performs the duties of the president in the absence of the president and president-elect; serves as leader of the program team.

Leads the efforts in choosing speakers and topics for monthly BPW events that include a speaker. This team also introduces the speaker, presents a wrapped gift to the speaker, and provides the verbiage to promote the speaker topic at upcoming events.

2nd VP


Performs the duties of the president in the absence of the president, the president-elect and the first vice-president; serves as leader of the membership and hospitality teams.

Plans membership drives and coordinates the new member mentoring program. Coordinates the mailing/emailing of BPW literature and invitations to prospective members.


Records transactions; oversees the budget; prepares the monthly treasurer's report for the executive committee business meetings. Also keeps membership dues up-to-date with the state organization.


Takes and records minutes of all executive committee and organizational meetings of BPW/Triangle. She also preserves all records and important correspondence. Ensures calendar integrity on the website.


Lends experience and historical insight to the new board members and team leaders.

Thank you for considering. 

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