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Crowns: The Must-Have Accessory

  • 27 Mar 2021
  • 10:00 AM - 11:30 AM
  • The Ellipse at the NC Museum of Art
  • 14


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Crowns: The Must-Have Accessory
a Reignited by My Community event

When you look in the mirror,  which part looks back at you?

  • The uncertain girl? Turning to see that one part of her body she just wishes were different, and making sure to note all of the things she needs to work on in order to truly feel beautiful.   

  • The devoted mother? Telling you there’s no time to look at yourself because too many people need you right now.    

  • The savvy business woman? Who works hard to get ahead, and just wants to be sure you remembered to style your hair and put on a little mascara before you dash out the door for work.

Have you ever seen your inner queen? She’s different for every woman:  her crown may be jewels or it may be wildflowers, her royal robes may be designer or she may prefer nothing at all. She may not even like the title “queen” and yet she is regal all the same. Some parts of your queen have been there since you were a girl, and some are hard-won through the trials of life you have weathered. 

She is the essence of all you are: The jewels and blossoms that have woven together to create your unique crown.

She’s ready to be fully seen, and share that knowing look with you each time a mirror offers her the opportunity.   

Come together with Meant for More to explore the initial meeting with your queen, and leave with fun ways to get to know her better.    

We will be meeting in person, outside, at the NC Museum of Art. We will be practicing 6-ft social distancing, so please be sure to...

  • Arrive at the Ellipse by 9:45 a.m.
  • Bring a folding chair
  • Wear a mask


Business and Professional Women Triangle (BPW) and Meant for More (M4M) are partnering together to present this new series. When you register, you agree to share your name and email address with both organizations.


Amee Earl is at best a mirror and a multi-tool.  The mirror reflects YOU back to you, while the multi-tool offers useful “keep in your pocket” practices that become your tools to secure the life experience you truly want.  Her calling is to facilitate the Love Crucible for as many people as possible: to explore and celebrate their uniqueness as individuals while empowering them to connect authentically with one another.   Relationships are her playground, where she honors the realities of bullies, dirt and skinned knees right along with being a shameless fool for connection, joy and play.

She enjoyed decades working in wealth management as an administrator,  manager, coach, trainer, and Certified Financial Planner® practitioner while also exploring and practicing yoga, qigong, mysticism of many types and other ecstatic paths such as tantra, mystery schools and meditative practices.  The business persona allowed her the opportunity to serve others while indulging a competitive,  driven nature.  The ecstatic explorations fed a part that would not be ignored:  a nearly insatiable desire to experience expansive depth and breadth in our potential for connection.

During those decades she kept ecstatic exploration below the surface,  and it remained separate from the business persona.  In recent years the call came on so strongly there was no denying it:  it was time to combine them and step into her own spotlight, offering ALL the Powers at Play.

Marcy Stahl is a small business coach who helps women entrepreneurs build authentic and sustainable businesses, based on their strengths. She works with women who want to make a difference in the world, while being a successful business owner. She started her coaching business in 2008, to help women entrepreneurs tackle both the inner AND outer work of building a business.

Prior to becoming a coach, Marcy co-founded and co-managed a government contracting firm that earned over $1M annually.

Today, Marcy is a coach, speaker, and co-author. She lives in Wake Forest with two rescue cats. She's passionate about reading, green tea, and spending time with like-minded professional women.

To learn more about her work, visit

      |      Mailing address: PO Box 1794, Cary, NC  27512

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