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BPW/Triangle develops a powerful network of leaders to advocate, educate and cultivate connections.

Scholarship Recipients 


Dr. Lois E. Frazier Scholarship ($1,500) - Samantha Foust, N.C. State University 

 "I am so grateful to have been chosen as the recipient of the Dr. Lois Frazier Scholarship. This scholarship will allow me to focus more of my time on my studies and the professional organizations I am a part of. I greatly appreciate the support as I am pursuing my B.S. in Electrical Engineering. I plan to use my degree to work on electric vehicles and help reduce our impacts on the environment. "

Mary Edith Fox Scholarship ($1,500) - Janiyah C. SuttonUniversity of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

"I am truly honored to be a recipient of the Mary Edith Fox Scholarship. As an aspiring

pharmacist, this scholarship will support my goal of obtaining my PharmD/MPH dual degree.

This scholarship opportunity will allow me the chance to pursue purpose while lifting the

financial burden it sometimes takes to invest in yourself. This will, indeed, be an investment

because not only will I get the return, but I plan to give back, pour into my community, and be a

catalyst to bring healing to others."


Dr. Lois E. Frazier Scholarship ($1,500) – Adelaide Cooke, UNC Chapel Hill

“I am honored to be a recipient of the Dr. Lois Frazier Scholarship. This award will be supporting my medical school education. As an aspiring physician, my ultimate goals are to improve quality of care and increase access to care. The financial assistance will allow me to pursue interests outside of the classroom so that I can become a well-rounded physician to sustainably help my patients and reach these goals. I am incredibly grateful for BPW/Triangle’s recognition and support of my journey, and I look forward to advocating for and supporting other young women in their pursuit of medical careers." 

Mary Edith Fox Scholarship ($1,500) – Jennifer Carroll, Northwestern State University

I will be able to use this scholarship to help finance my bachelor’s degree in Radiologic Science. This scholarship comes at a great time for my family and me. I will be able to focus on my classes and not have the worries of an extra job or overtime. My family is very supportive of my return to school. I have encouraged my children to work hard in their education. Now that I am in school too, we all work hard together. I take the time to complete my schoolwork before they get up or after they go to bed. I try to limit the time I take from them. I am working full time in healthcare and know that the more education I have, the higher quality of patient care I will be able to provide. I enjoy learning and putting that knowledge into practice."   


Dr. Lois E. Frazier Scholarship ($2,250) – Drew Corpening, UNC Chapel Hill

"I am so grateful to be a recipient of the Dr. Lois Frazier Scholarship. As an aspiring health care leader, this scholarship will allow me to grow in my master’s program and gain more experience in my field. The BPW/Triangle Scholarship gives me the support I need to focus on my goals and allows me to work toward inspiring other women to pursue their goals as well."

Mary Edith Fox Scholarship ($2,250) – Jordyn Brown, North Carolina State University

"I am honored to be awarded the Mary Edith Fox Scholarship as it will support my pursuit of obtaining my B.S. in Civil Engineering with a Business Administration Minor degree. Having this financial assistance will allow me to invest more time into my campus community, specifically the female engineering organizations I'm currently involved in. I want to express great gratitude to BPW/Triangle for encouraging my journey and gifting me a scholarship that will enable me to partake in various ventures within and outside of my curriculum."


Dr. Lois E. Frazier Scholarship ($1,500) – Meredith Schmehl, Duke University

“The Dr. Lois E. Frazier scholarship will support my ongoing Ph.D. research in Neurobiology. This financial assistance will allow me to focus my efforts on intellectual contributions to my project and external contributions to my community, so that I can advance my goal of making science accessible. In addition, interacting with members of the BPW Triangle Branch has broadened my understanding of how my work might benefit the community beyond my field, and has enhanced my engagement in advocacy for women in science." 

Mary Edith Fox Scholarship ($1,500) – Jessica Watkins, Campbell University

“Receiving this scholarship has truly been a blessing to me. Not only has it lifted a part of the financial burden that college brings, but it shows the enormous amount of support that BPW/Triangle gives. I am so honored and appreciative of this scholarship and hope to be able to give back to other business and professional women one day by paying this gift forward. Thank you again so much."           


Dr. Lois E. Frazier Scholarship ($1,500) – Chevonne Parker, Yale University

I would like to express my gratitude again for your financial support through the 2018 BPW Triangle Scholarship.  It is because of your generosity that I was able to fund my education this school year at Yale University.  Thank you again!

Mary Edith Fox Scholarship ($1,500) – Janet Golden, NCSU

The BPW Triangle scholarship has meant a great deal to me. Like other professional women, I hoped to draw on my personal experience and passion to build a new career. BPW’s financial support and the Triangle chapter members really affirmed my belief that I could do it.

Dr. Lois E. Frazier Scholarship ($1,000) – Maya Blumenfeld, NCSU
Mary Edith Fox Scholarship ($1,000) – Kayte Thomas

Dr. Lois E. Frazier Scholarship:  Monica Hendricks, NCSU

Dr. Lois E. Frazier Scholarship – Emma Marx, NCSU
Mary Edith Fox Scholarship – Gillian Hallmon, Shaw University

Dr. Lois E. Frazier Scholarship – Jennifer Kunzman 

Dr. Lois E. Frazier Scholarship – 

Dr. Lois E. Frazier Scholarship – Carisha Miller, Shaw University
Mary Edith Fox Scholarship – Joseph Hutchinson, NC Central University

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