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Member Highlight: Stephanie Ross

07 Mar 2021 9:00 AM | Anonymous

Tell us a bit about yourself, Stephanie!
I'm Stephanie Ross, I'm a certified health educator and health coach, and I'm the owner and founder of Crown Wellness Coaching. I offer integrative health coaching and a lifestyle medicine program. I partner with physicians, corporations, and individuals to help improve health outcomes and reduce healthcare costs.

How have you engaged with BPW so far?
I joined BPW in order to network with other women. You know, before getting into the professional world, I'd been a stay-at-home mom for about 10 years. I built up a really good network there with other moms, but as far as stepping out into the professional world, I didn't really know anybody. So, BPW has been a good way just to help me meet other women; I've participated in some of the networking events so far.

Who has helped you most in your career?
I would say, actually, my husband. He has been really supportive. At the time, I was pregnant and just had a whole lot to keep up with, so he was really good about taking on additional responsibility there. And then, through all of the training for health coaching, he's been really supportive, and certainly in launching the business as well.

What are your hobbies or interests?
I really enjoy reading, so anything, of course, about health and lifestyle medicine. But as far as personal reading, I like mystery novels. My oldest daughter and I actually read Nancy Drew together a lot, so that's fun. I also like Reader's Digest Magazine -- I read that every month. I like traveling as well, when I get the chance... not so much now. And just spending time with family.

Which superpower would you choose?
I would probably say super speed, just because that would let me do some of the mundane things, like cleaning the house, just really fast, so that I could spend more time doing other things.

What's your favorite restaurant or food?
Favorite restaurant for sure is Sassool. It's a Mediterranean restaurant. I usually get a platter with samples of different things. My go-to is called veggie kibbeh. A sweet potato salad, a fava bean salad, and roasted vegetables: that's my favorite combination.

What has been your most interesting job?
I would say what I'm doing now. One of the programs I facilitate called CHIP stands for the complete health improvement program. It's a 10-week intensive lifestyle medicine program. It's holistic, so we cover nutrition, exercise, stress management, sleep, social connection, and substance use. Participants who go through that really see improved health outcomes, and so it's really... I really like being able to share all the information, because it's so comprehensive, and just seeing their participation in it and seeing improved health outcomes.

What can the BPW community do to support you?
I would say just continuing to hold networking events. I really just love to meet other women  and we can just bounce ideas off of each other, get to know each other.  It's really good relationship building.

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