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BPW/Triangle develops a powerful network of leaders to advocate, educate and cultivate connections.

Special Spring 2022 Member Highlight: Jackie Flynn

02 Jul 2022 4:30 PM | Anonymous

  • Can you please give us a brief introduction of who you are and your current business? 
  •  I’m Jackie Flynn.  I work at MYCO Medical Supplies, Inc.   We’re a small but mighty team of people trying to reduce healthcare costs by bringing competition and innovation to healthcare with the products we supply.  I lead the supply chain and distribution teams.  I work with over 15 global manufacturers of medical devices helping introduce and launch their products in the US Market. 
  • ·      Why did you join BPW?  
  • I was invited by one of your members (Juwana Hancock) to attend a dinner meeting.  The topic was on point, but more importantly, I really enjoyed the interaction.  It was an incredible opportunity to listen to women speaking of their experiences in workplace/life that were similar to my own. 
  • ·      What are your favorite hobbies and interests outside of work? 
  •  Right now, all of my free time is devoted to my new puppies, Ferguson & Leonard.  I love to read and listen to music. 
  •    What is your favorite super hero and why?  
  • Hmmm..that’s tough.  I’m going to go with Flash because he can get things done faster and I would love to have that power.
  • ·      What chores do you hate doing?  
  • I absolutely cannot do dishes.  I can’t stand wet food.  I don’t even understand how people put their hands in water with foreign objects floating around in it.  That is a superpower. 
  • ·      What did you want to be when growing up?  
  • A lawyer like Grace Van Owen from LA Law.   I still do.
  • ·      If you could learn to do anything what would it be?  
  • Really play piano.  I still sound like my 14 year old self when I play.  
  • ·      How do you define Success?
  • I’ll let you know when I think I finally have achieved it!
  • ·      Do you have a favorite quote or inspirational phrase? 
  • “Weaknesses are just strengths in the wrong environment.” — Marianne Cantwell
  • ·      What can BPW do to support you in your Business? 
  • Continue to offer meetings with relevant content.  Foster a safe environment for women to share their experiences and learn from each other

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