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August 11 2015 Board Minutes

12 Aug 2015 1:08 PM | Marcy Stahl

Minutes BPW/Raleigh Board Meeting 8/11/2015

Attending: Jenine Atoji, Linda Karolak, Marcy Stahl

Meeting began at 6:20pm.  Marcy read the minutes; a motion to accept the minutes was approved.

Old Business:  

  • ·         Reminding members about the Birthday Bonus: Jenine will send out an email about this.
  • ·         Sharing Member for a Day cards: let’s have one Board members at each table who can share these cards and their purpose with members.  Susan – please bring the cards to the Aug 24 dinner.
  • ·         BPW’s FB/Twitter account info –  resides only w/ Lea-Ann right now.  We discussed the desirability for Jenine to have that info as well.
  • ·         Do we have a sponsor for August meeting?  Bellingrath family law?  Marcy will call Alexandra Castle to check on this.

Treasurer Report/Membership – no update.

Jenine to send out reminder emails for future Board meetings.

Programs: No update.  Jenine will contact Amelia to confirm whether we’ve got Carrie Peele for Oct.

For the August dinner meeting, we’ll follow our usual agenda:

  • ·         5:30-6 regis & networking;
  • ·         6 – welcome and seating;
  • ·         6:15 dinner served;
  • ·         6:50-6:55 speaker begins.
  • ·         7:40 – announcements and birthday bonus drawing.  Reinstitute table topics.  Going forward: having program person who’s coordinating with speaker ask speaker for possible topics. 

We want one board member/table – no clumping.  Karen Boardman will help Linda w/ hospitality.  Linda will help us get spread out and unclumped. 

For our Sept lunch, the topic is social media.  Danielle Baldwin and Lisa Sullivan of Tweet Divas will speak on how to market yourself/your business with social media.  Danielle runs Word Camp RDU.  Can we do a survey through Wild Apricot or Survey Monkey?  Jenine will check on Wild Apricot.  Marcy will draft a survey.

Mentorship: Marcy is willing to do a repeat of Sonja Neiger’s Mentorship meeting.  Jenine is in discussion with a couple other ladies who might lead meeting on this.

New membership lunches – very helpful to learn what new members want and young new members like mentoring!

For our October meeting, we might tie in with Natl Business Women’s week.  Would like to do a mentorship program then.  Or something to do with work-life balance/integration.  Someone can Google this topic to find local speakers.

November – we do have Brier Creek for lunch. 

We discussed a couple scholarship fundraising ideas.  1) Do another Silent Auction for fundraising, in spring?  Who can organize this?  2) Possible Kickstarter campaign to raise scholarship money in honor of Lois’ birthday and long involvement w/ BPW?  That is easy and appealing to younger members.  If we pursue this, we want to doublecheck that Lois is OK with this.   

Meeting pricing:  From Sept forward, $30 early bird/$35 regular for dinner, due to increased Brier Creek costs ($22/dinner).  They’re keeping the corkage fee at $5/bottle and may be willing to store a case.  They’ll charge us a small fee to receive and hold a package if we have wine delivered there.

We add new members when our members talk to people they know.  Keep mentioning the power and importance of inviting guests and talking about BPW to colleagues!  Do this at monthly meetings, consistently.  This is our #1 way to bring in new members, which is what keeps our organization growing.

Meeting adjourned at 7:06pm.

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