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BPW/Triangle develops a powerful network of leaders to advocate, educate and cultivate connections.


The views expressed by blog authors are their own and do not necessarily reflect the views of each member within our organization. 

  • 01 Feb 2016 9:52 PM | Deleted user

     Business and Professional Women of Raleigh (BPW/Raleigh) invites you to attend our Spring Individual Development (ID) program to be held on Saturday, February 20th, 9:00am-2:00pm. ID programs are developed to meet the needs of today’s working women; empowering them through education and meaningful interaction in a seminar setting. Spaces are limited.  Guest speakers Dr. Tara Burnett-Lewis,M.D.-Alliance Medical Ministry,  Claudia Christy, DTM, Six Sigma Purple Belt and Sheyenne Kreamer, Triangle Solutions Alliance will speak on the topics of  Women's Health Initiatives, Identity Theft and Brand Management, and The Power of Presentations. This is an annual BPW Raleigh Signature Event. Spaces are limited.

    Register at .  Registration ends February 17th.

    *All proceeds benefit BPW Raleigh's scholarship fund.  Scholarship recipients receive a monetary award in the amount of $1,000 (USD) toward their education; applied toward tuition or other defined school expenses and will be paid to the school on the recipient’s behalf.

  • 01 Feb 2016 9:31 PM | Deleted user

    BPW/Raleigh is proud to sponsor Reality StoreSM, a curriculum for middle school students.  Offered in a game format, students learn the “reality” of a monthly family budget and the value of making appropriate choices  in planning for career, family and their education.

    BPW Reality Store needs your help! Sign up now!

    12 Feb 2016 7:30am-11:30am Shepard Middle School, Durham, NC

    Realty Store is a simulation game in which students identify their career interests, research a specific career, and receive a mock checkbook with the monthly income entered for the specific career.  Students then visit booths manned by community members at which they pay their monthly bills. 


    At each booth, the students make decisions concerning the standard of living they’ll assume.  For example, at the housing booth (manned by a Realtor), students decide if they want to pay for a one-bedroom efficiency apartment or a five-bedroom home.  


    Following the Reality Store simulation, students discuss the impact of the educational choices they make today on their ability to 1) enter various occupations and 2) support various standards of living in their future.


    How it works: 2 volunteers are assigned at each of 10 stations. Their job is to guide students in making choices and helping them to make adjustments to their check register.  We need volunteers! Prior experience with Reality Store is not necessary. It is an easy job and so rewarding!

    Reality Store Community Program Chair: Mary Kim

  • 06 Dec 2015 10:02 PM | Deleted user

    We extend a hearty welcome to our newest board members, Amelia Davey, BPW Raleigh's Programs Chair and L. Danielle Baldwin, BPW Raleigh's Social Media/Marketing Chair.

    A Former Young Careerist, Amelia brings her organizational expertise as a wedding planner and the owner of When In White wedding planning solutions. 

    Danielle, social media maven, is the founder of WordCamp RDU and CEO of her own branding and marketing company, Baldwin + Brand.

    Welcome aboard!

  • 20 Nov 2015 7:53 AM | Anonymous

    Accepting applications now!

    BPW/Raleigh scholarships are provided to outstanding area students seeking to further their education, advance their careers, or re-enter the workforce. Scholarship recipients will receive a monetary award in the amount of $1,000 (USD) toward their education; applied toward tuition or other defined school expenses and will be paid to the school on the recipient’s behalf. 

    BPW/Raleigh is accepting completed applications for the 2016 application process until April 5, 2016.

    BPW/Raleigh Dr. Lois E. Frazier Scholarship (merit based)

    Scholarship applicants are evaluated based on application materials and demonstration of:
    • Completed application (essay, short answers, reference & scholastic record)
    • Leadership
    • Commitment to giving back (particularly to supporting other women)
    BPW/Raleigh scholarships are not awarded to the same person in two consecutive years. All candidates must submit a completed BPW/Raleigh scholarship application.

    BPW/Raleigh Application Process
    • Candidates can be female or male and must be currently enrolled (full or part-time) at an accredited college, university, or institution of higher education 
    • Current high school students are not eligible to apply 
    • Applicant must reside within the North Carolina counties of Wake, Durham, Orange, or Johnston (but can attend school outside the area) 
    • Applicant should have a career plan after completion of schooling 
    • Applicant must demonstrate academic achievement 
    • Applicant must be in good academic standing (2.5 GPA or higher) 
    • Applicant must complete an application form provided by the Raleigh BPW Scholarship Committee 
    • Applicant must submit an official transcript of scholastic record (copy acceptable) 
    • Applicant must complete two of the four essay questions (no more than 150 words each) as stated on the application form 
    • Applicant must submit one (1) reference letter on letterhead paper (where applicable) 

    BPW/Raleigh Scholarship Deadline
    Completed Applications are due to by April 5, 2016. The BPW Scholarship Committee will screen all applications. A personal interview may be required. The winner will be notified by phone and presented the award at the BPW/Raleigh dinner meeting to be held April 28, 2016.

    Questions? Contact

    BPW Foundation also awards scholarships. Go here for more info.
  • 19 Nov 2015 7:02 PM | Deleted user

    While sponsorship opportunities for 2015 Meetings are no longer available, there are sponsorship slots available for our 2016 BPW Meetings. Sponsorship opportunities are only $35 for members;nonmembers may inquire via our Sponsor BPW tab on our website or by emailing

       As a sponsor, you are entitled to exclusive access to our community, recognition benefits, and opportunities to connect and better distinguish your firm or company with our members and guests. 

      All proceeds benefit  our Educational Scholarship Programs.

    Don't miss your opportunity to Get in front of your target audience. Build your brand. Cultivate relationships. Tempus Fugit!

  • 17 Nov 2015 11:08 PM | Deleted user

    Our super special Holiday Event will be held at Lugano's Cary,  December 5th at 1:00pm in the exclusive Wine Room. 

    Open to members  and  guests. Feel free to bring your significant other.

    For even more fun bring a wrapped gift ($15 or under) for a Yankee gift exchange (optional). 

    We look forward to seeing you! Don't miss our last event of the year!

    click here to register

  • 30 Oct 2015 10:17 PM | Deleted user

  • 12 Aug 2015 1:08 PM | Anonymous

    Minutes BPW/Raleigh Board Meeting 8/11/2015

    Attending: Jenine Atoji, Linda Karolak, Marcy Stahl

    Meeting began at 6:20pm.  Marcy read the minutes; a motion to accept the minutes was approved.

    Old Business:  

    • ·         Reminding members about the Birthday Bonus: Jenine will send out an email about this.
    • ·         Sharing Member for a Day cards: let’s have one Board members at each table who can share these cards and their purpose with members.  Susan – please bring the cards to the Aug 24 dinner.
    • ·         BPW’s FB/Twitter account info –  resides only w/ Lea-Ann right now.  We discussed the desirability for Jenine to have that info as well.
    • ·         Do we have a sponsor for August meeting?  Bellingrath family law?  Marcy will call Alexandra Castle to check on this.

    Treasurer Report/Membership – no update.

    Jenine to send out reminder emails for future Board meetings.

    Programs: No update.  Jenine will contact Amelia to confirm whether we’ve got Carrie Peele for Oct.

    For the August dinner meeting, we’ll follow our usual agenda:

    • ·         5:30-6 regis & networking;
    • ·         6 – welcome and seating;
    • ·         6:15 dinner served;
    • ·         6:50-6:55 speaker begins.
    • ·         7:40 – announcements and birthday bonus drawing.  Reinstitute table topics.  Going forward: having program person who’s coordinating with speaker ask speaker for possible topics. 

    We want one board member/table – no clumping.  Karen Boardman will help Linda w/ hospitality.  Linda will help us get spread out and unclumped. 

    For our Sept lunch, the topic is social media.  Danielle Baldwin and Lisa Sullivan of Tweet Divas will speak on how to market yourself/your business with social media.  Danielle runs Word Camp RDU.  Can we do a survey through Wild Apricot or Survey Monkey?  Jenine will check on Wild Apricot.  Marcy will draft a survey.

    Mentorship: Marcy is willing to do a repeat of Sonja Neiger’s Mentorship meeting.  Jenine is in discussion with a couple other ladies who might lead meeting on this.

    New membership lunches – very helpful to learn what new members want and young new members like mentoring!

    For our October meeting, we might tie in with Natl Business Women’s week.  Would like to do a mentorship program then.  Or something to do with work-life balance/integration.  Someone can Google this topic to find local speakers.

    November – we do have Brier Creek for lunch. 

    We discussed a couple scholarship fundraising ideas.  1) Do another Silent Auction for fundraising, in spring?  Who can organize this?  2) Possible Kickstarter campaign to raise scholarship money in honor of Lois’ birthday and long involvement w/ BPW?  That is easy and appealing to younger members.  If we pursue this, we want to doublecheck that Lois is OK with this.   

    Meeting pricing:  From Sept forward, $30 early bird/$35 regular for dinner, due to increased Brier Creek costs ($22/dinner).  They’re keeping the corkage fee at $5/bottle and may be willing to store a case.  They’ll charge us a small fee to receive and hold a package if we have wine delivered there.

    We add new members when our members talk to people they know.  Keep mentioning the power and importance of inviting guests and talking about BPW to colleagues!  Do this at monthly meetings, consistently.  This is our #1 way to bring in new members, which is what keeps our organization growing.

    Meeting adjourned at 7:06pm.

  • 31 Jul 2015 9:43 PM | Deleted user

    Minutes BPW/Raleigh Board meeting 7/28/2015
    Attending: Jenine Atoji, Susan Cope, Jackie Brown, Nicolette Allen, Tovah Mitchell, Amelia Davey, Alexandra Castle, Irma McGregor, Cyn McGregor, Lnda Karolak, Anita Baxter
    Meeting began at 6:15 PM. We waived reading of the minutes.
    Old business: no old business
    New business:
    Members will bring ideas for fund-raising to next board meeting. Note: Cindy Loudermmilk will donate baskets should we need them for a silent auction.
    We will publicize birthday bonus and make it a priority, as it supports our scholarship.
    Cyn will design a simple new logo for us.
    Board meetings have been changed to the 2nd Tuesday of the month at Earthfare.
    Note: A motion form is needed for all motions, so we should keep these on hand.
    Membership (Susan and Jackie): Currently 51 active members, 11 recently lapsed members. Susan and Jackie will place follow up calls to lapsed members. Chairs are working with Nicolette to have a recruitment/orientation/social wine tasting event in the fall. Nicolette will report on this in September and we will set the date then. Chairs will be talking to specific members about sharing “member for a day cards”. [We have 100 cards and 22 new member pins on hand.]
    Susan will send copy of new member registration form to Anita, Jackie, and Jenine. Susan will fill this out for all new members since mid-April. Anita will send dues to State for the new members, as needed.
    Social (Nicolette): Jenine is buying a cake for Lois Frazier’s birthday to be presented at August meeting. We will take donations for this. Nicolette is working on a wine tasting (or wine and cheese) event to be held in the fall. Location discussed is “Total wine” at North Hills. Room is free, priced per person. Also mentioned- free room at Triangle Town Center.
    We determined that Kathryn Noel has access to our social media.
    Logistics: We decided to sign contract with Brier Creek for September through May 2016. Prices have increased to $22/dinner and $15/lunch. (Formerly $17/10.) The August 24th
    meeting will be at Cambridge Suites. We will raise member prices for dinner to $30 early bird/$35 regular member or guests. New lunch price: $20 for all.
    The November, February, and September meetings will be lunch meetings. Jenine is checking with Brier Creek for November lunch availability. The Christmas party is Saturday, Dec.5. The board accepted the following calendar: Sept 22, October 20, November 17, January 26, February 23, March 22, April 26, and May 24.
    We decided to have wine at dinner meetings. Amelia can get a discount. Brier creek may let us store case there. We will sell tickets at registration for wine as we have done in the past. There will be no wine at lunch. Brier Creek staff will open the bottles for us as part of the corkage fee.
    Finance (Anita) Anita will look into liability insurance prices. Morrisville Chamber renewal is in December. We have not decided whether to renew. Anita will prepare a budget.
    Programs (Alexandra) Alexandra will ask Bellingrath Family Law to sponsor our August meeting. Cost is $35/member sponsor or $100 for other sponsors. We have confirmed Danielle Baldwin as speaker for our September lunch meeting. Amelia and Jenine have information re: prospective speakers and will share with Alexandra. Carrie Peel is being pursued for October.
    Marketing (Ashley) Jackie Brown offered to assist with marketing.
    Legislative chair (Tovah) We suggested Tovah get information from State Legislative Chair. Suggestions: Post a blurb on the web-site, blog, or email members with events or information of interest. Michelle Evans is a great resource in regard to local legislative events.
    Webmaster Jenine is our current web-master, until we can find another.
    Meeting was adjourned at 8 PM.
    Minutes recorded by Susan Cope

  • 19 May 2015 2:20 PM | Anonymous

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